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ISH Disposable 500mg Vape Pens

ISH Disposable Vape Pens
ISH Vape Pens
ISH Vape

ISH brand aims to set a higher standard in the cannabis industry by creating innovative products, providing accurate information, and lab testing for quality.

All of our products are lab tested, consistent, solvent free, glycol free and pesticide free. Our concentrates are made with extreme care and we use only the finest high quality cannabis to ensure a great and consistent experience every time.

80% or more THC. Each pen provides 100 - 150 puffs depending on puff size.


$30.00 each

Gelato - Hybrid
Girl Scout Cookies - Sativa
Jack Herer - Sativa
Sunset Sherbert - Indica
Blueberry Kush - Indica