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Aloha Live Rosen Vape Carts - 1 Gram

Aloha means HIGH  -  Take a Puff of Paradise

Aloha Live Rosen Vape Carts

Live Rosen is very special because it is made by taking a freshly harvested plant, freezing it immediately, removing all the trichomes, pressing them to extract the natural and pure plant resin, period. This extraction is then put into a 100% ceramic vape cartridge. The extraction tastes like you're smoking the flower, it is completely different from regular cannabis oil which has had its natural terpenes stripped away during the distillation process. Nothing is added or taken away, this is the pure cannabis oil from the strains listed, no terpenes added.

If you take all the tiny THC crystals (trichomes) off the marijuana flowers and squeeze the oil out of them, add nothing to that extraction, then put it in a vape cart, that is what this is.

You just have to try it - I promise you will love it!

  • 100% All Natural
  • Pure Strain Extract
  • The Plants Actual Terpenes
  • Best Ceramic Hardware
  • 82% + THC Content

9 Ways to Paradise - $45.00 ea.

It's more expensive than our other one gram cannabis oil vape carts, just keep in mind this is a
low yielding extraction process with no added terpenes, a top top shelf product.

Aloha OG - Indica
Forbidden Fruit - Indica
Pink Starburst - Hybrid
Maui Wowie - Sativa
Acai Gelato - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Blue Dream - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Coconut Runtz - Hybrid
Honolulu Haze - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Sunset Sherbert - Indica