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Aloha Live Rosen Vape Pens - 2 Grams

Aloha means HIGH  -  Take a Puff of Paradise

Aloha Live Rosen

Live Rosen is a solventless cannabis oil extract that is produced by taking freshly harvested marijuana and flash freezing it to preserve its freshness. The frozen plant is then washed in ice water to remove all the trichomes which contain the THC and terpenes and give the buds that frosted appearence. The trichomes are then collected and pressed between heated plates which yeilds the liquid gold known as Live Rosen.

It Simply Doesn't Get Any Better Than These Pens

So Take a Puff of Paradise and transport your mind to the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian islands. Inspired by the exotic alure of the tropics, Aloha is for adventurers finding their place in this crazy world.

  • 95% Live Rosen Cannabis Oil
  • 5% Premium Terpenes
  • 100% Ceramic Hardware
  • No Lead, Additives, or Fillers
  • Rechargeable USB - C
aloha Live Rosen Vape Pen

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