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Fruitlust Brand Vape Cartridges

Fruitlust is produced by directly sourcing clean flower and trim from our network of farmers and then processing it into raw oil. The raw oil is then processed into distillate via short path distillation which refines the oil by stripping out all fats, lipids, waxes, chlorophyll, and terpenes leaving behind a virtually pure THC oil that tests at 96-98%.

The oil is then cut with a proprietary organic oil blend and fruit terpene profile resulting in a finished product with 55-65% THC and a 5-10% terpene profile. These are truely some of the tastiest cannabis oil vape cartridges we have ever tried.

Each Fruitlust vape cartridge contains 1/2 gram of cannabis oil.

We're blowing out ($15 off) the last of our Fruitlust cartridges, 
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Regularly $35 - Now just $20.00 each while they last!

Here are the available flavors:



YOU MUST have a 510 threaded battery to attach these cartridges to.
If you don't already have one we have re-chargable batteries available here.