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Lime - Live Resin THC Syrup

Create your own infused potion with the world's tastiest artisan-crafted extra strength THC syrup.

Lime THC Syrup

Lime - LIve Resin TCH Syrup is infused with highly potent live resin, with 1000mg THC per bottle. Pour 1.2 ml for a 10 mg serving (measuring cup included).

Our syrup is Tapioca based and contains no high fructose corn syrup and it's vegan and gluten free. We only use natural colors and flavoring to bring you the highest quality THC syrup on the market.

Make creative drinks using Lime - Live Resin THC Syrup as a THC-infused flavor.

Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces of THC Syrup

$40.00 per bottle

Flavor - Strain Type
Blue Raspberry - Indica
Fruit Punch - Hybrid
Galatic Grape - Indica
Pineapple - Sativa
Watermelon - Hybrid
Green Apple - Sativa