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Magnum Vapes

2 Grams of Premium Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds in a Disposable Vape

Magnum Disposable Vape Pens

Elevate your cannabis experience with Magnum Lab's unique range of live resin disposables. Crafted meticulously, each disposable contains 2 grams of pure live resin extracted from freshly harvested flower buds and sugar leaves, ensuring a flavorful and potent experience.

Free of pesticides and heavy metals. No MCT, vitamin E or any other fillers or aditives.

$40.00 each

Flavor - Strain Type
Train Wreck - Sativa
Zkittles - Indica
OG Kush - Indica
Orange Creamsicle - Hybrid
Cherry Pie - Hybrid
Mimosa - Hybrid
White Runtz - Hybrid
Lemon Cherry Gelato - Hybrid
Papaya Sour Punch - Sativa
Wild Cherry Soda - Hybrid
Guava Lush Ice - Sativa
Tropical Rainbow Belts - Hybrid
White Gummy Slushie - Hybrid
Strawberry Taffy - Sativa
Asteroids Sour Apple - Sativa
Watermelon Zkittles - Hybrid
Pineapple Gushers - Indica
Grape Pop Rocks - Sativa