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Pack Man Vapes

2 Grams of Premium Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds in a Disposable Vape

Pack Man Liquid Diamonds Vapes

2000mg of Liquid Diamonds and Live Resin in a compact vape.

$40.00 each

Flavor - Strain Type
Peach Milano - Indica
Sour Pineapple - Sativa
Blueberry Melons - Sativa
Watermelon Runtz - Hybrid
Key Lime Cake - Sativa
Cereal Milk - Hybrid
Bubble Gum Gelato - Hybrid
Purple Gruntz - Indica
Lemon Cherry Gelato - Hybrid
Kiwi Berry - Indica

Please note . . .
these have a push button on the side that you need to press 5 times rapidly to turn it on. Once it's turned on you need to push and hold the button as you take a hit. You can press the button 5 times rapidly again to de-activate and re-activate the button.